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The Dragon Reborn (Chapter One)
by dj_rocca (dj_rocca)
at October 24th, 2011 (04:55 pm)
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Author: dj_rocca and shigeki_jkp
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Timeline: 4th Season AU
Rating: T (language, violence, content)
Genre: Drama/Angst/Supernatural
Summary: When the Dragon is Reborn the Russo family will fall…

The Dragon Reborn
Chapter One
When the Dragon is Reborn the Russo family will fall…


Alex Russo’s stomach clenched in anxiety, even though this is something she had been preparing for the last four years, she was still nervous as hell. She looked to her Brothers, each poised and ready. She lifted her wand, and prayed she was strong enough to win. It was a horrible feeling, to want to be the one heir of the Russo family to have their Wizarding powers but she knew she could never live her life without them. She was not successful like Justin; he could get by without them. She was too carefree and too, as she’d been told, lazy to make a living as an average mortal. No, she had to do this, she had to win, she had to win, she-

The doors of the hall banged open and several very uppity Wizards she’d never seen before walked into the white room. She heard her father immediately stand, pulling his wife to her feet. Harper Finkle followed suit, thankful she was even in the same room at the moment. She was the first mortal that was not related to the family that had been allowed to attend. She had showcased enough trust and dedication to the family to prove to the Councils she should be able to be there with her family.

“Russo family, you are to stop right now. We have very serious matters to discuss,” the oldest looking man announced. His voice sounded as old as he was which immediately made Alex lose focus. Justin, knowing his sister so well, elbowed her in the ribs. Usually she would have punched him in retaliation but she knew why he did it. She would just have to get him later.

“What is this about, CouncilWizard Order?” Jerry asked, approaching the elderly man.

“It has come to our attention that we have overlooked some serious crimes your children have committed,” he answered and the three exchanged looks. They did a lot of wrong with their magic, some intentional and some not. But the words, serious crime didn’t make any connection in their minds.

“And what is this so called crime?” Theresa asked there was no answer; Order didn’t even look at her. His focus was on Jerry and the kids, refusing to acknowledge her presence, because she was mortal. Alex bit her tongue and saw pink fury rise in her Fathers face.

“What crime?” Jerry growled, Alex had never seen or heard her Father his angry. It had been the first time she was in awe of her Father.

“That would be the death of one, Stephanie “Stevie” Nichols,” another council person said from the group of 8.

“Stevie? She’s dead? I thought she just stopped talking to Alex…” Jerry said and turned to look at his children, Harper included, all of them looked guilty. “Kids? Care to tell me what he’s talking about?”

“Uh…we…we…” Alex realized in that moment, how wrong their act a year before was. The realization was sudden, like a bolt from the blue. She knew Justin and Harper would know what it was called, epip-a-something. She hadn’t thought about the incident since. Given if she focused on the thought of her friend in a thousand pieces on the floor, how traumatized she would have been and that kinda trauma she wanted to avoid. She couldn’t cope with it rationally, so she pretended it didn’t happen. Stevie merely left, it was easier than accepting the fact she had a hand in the death of a friend, a friend who was just like her.

“Stevie Nichols, your honors, was a bad Wizard. She was trying to lead a rebellion to stop this very competition. She ran out on her Brother, refusing to give over her powers. We did what we had to do,” Justin said, and Alex knew if anyone could make it sound rational, it was him. She felt her stomach roll and she wanted to be sick, thinking of Stevie’s body shattered on the floor.

“That does not appear to be the case, Mr. Russo. From what our tapes and eye witness reports have said, she did not have to die. That due to irresponsible actions of one Max Russo, a 16 year old girl died horribly,” The Leader said and he waved his hand, before them a screen appeared and Alex nearly threw up as Stevie’s final moments were replayed, showing Max’s literal hand in her death. But it continued to after the Russo family left and now Alex felt the bile in her throat, threatening to pour up and out of her mouth.

Warren woke up, having an ink covered face, and he reached for the pieces that had been his sister. He began to realize what the piece and they could see he realized that was his sister’s body. He was sobbing, he was screaming, he was pulling the pieces into a pile. Alex felt tears prick in her eyes. That hit her hard, in a sudden and rare wave of empathy. What if that happened to her siblings? What if it happened to her? How would they cope? She lectured herself on how she could have been so cruel to have let this happen. But she didn’t know. She never wanted Stevie to die and if Warren’s instincts were anything like hers, he would seek revenge. She looked in the Council’s crowd, he was there, face completely blank, even his eyes didn’t reflect his emotions.

“When Warren Nichols brought this to our attention, we realized there was only one course of action to take. Max, step forward this instance,” the Elder said, and Alex realized as she scanned the faces of the council members, Warren didn’t move a muscle. She had no idea why she didn’t realize this before. Oh God, what were they going to do to her little brother, the sudden fear of ‘an eye for an eye’ would about to be set before them. She may not act like it or even think about it half the time but she did love her brothers, and the panic rose within her that she could lose one right now.

“Nichols…Sir, before you go any further, have you forgotten the Nichols family have been a line of Dark Wizards. Do you not remember the murders when I was a kid, done in the name of superior magic?” Her father never knew Stevie’s name, hell, she didn’t even know her true name was Stephanie. Maybe had they told him, this could have all been avoided, but it was too late for that. Stupid hindsight.

“Do not damn this generation from the ones before. If you would like to see the infractions from their generation compared to yours, you would be astonished. Niko, Gin, show the scrolls.” Two of the members came forward, each one held one scroll, one was large and it hadn’t even been unfurled yet. “That one is your family. Do you want me to unravel it for you?” he asked.

“No.” Jerry said, honestly part of him wasn’t surprised but he still did not need to have his poor parenting shown to him on a Wizarding scale too.

“I thought as much. Max Russo, you are to be stripped of your powers and will not take place in the competition. Normally in situations like this, we would transfer your powers between the siblings but we have decided against that course of action. Instead we have agreed that due to the fact that Ms. Nichols could not defend herself, she will receive your powers.”

In pure shock, Alex dropped her wand, Justin did too. They all looked at each other, all mouths hanging open. Sure they probably all looked stupid but the man…but…all train of thought Alex had stopped when she heard footsteps echo through the silence of the hall.

Stevie walked through the crowd, and stopped in front of Max. Alex swallowed hard; Stevie was alive, alive and mortal. She looked amazing as always in her shredded tanktop and now a dragon tattoo on the inside of her forearm.

“But CouncilWizard Order, she’s human! Humans cannot become Wizards, not even half! Not only that, you know that family powers must stay in the bloodline! We cannot take the powers of another Family! Won’t this kill her?” Jerry asked, the elderly man looked at him with a look Alex didn’t like.

“It may. Warren has assured us that he is in agreement with our judgment. That is all we need,” the elder replied.

“What about Stevie? Does she get a say?” Alex blurted out, unable to stop herself.

“Ms. Russo, she is mortal, therefore her wishes and wellbeing is not my concern. As acting member of the Nichols family, his decision is final.”

Alex looked to Stevie and she looked worried, something that Alex hardly saw. Apparently that was news to her too; she seemed just as surprised to hear about all of this. In that split second Alex wondered if maybe Stevie wasn’t as evil as events made her seem. Maybe she damned her friend for no reason at all.

“But Sir, she’s evil!” Justin proclaimed and the man looked at him.

“You are young, Mr. Russo and do not understand nor do you have the mind to make this judgment. We do, we have deliberated on this issue for the last six months, we were the ones that decided a 16 year old girl should not have been shattered to death because a boy was careless enough to touch her when she had no way to defend herself. We decided she would be brought back, something that is even forbidden for us to do. But we all agreed that the circumstances called for that judgment. We were assured Ms. Nichols has been rehabilitated.”

“But you could kill her! Again!” Alex blurted out again, wishing Justin would stop her.

“As I said, that is not my concern, if she does take the power and survives, and then I can watch her. Now, if you kindly be quiet, this takes concentration.”

And Alex covered her ears as Max let out a scream as the room grew brighter and brighter. It became too bright and Alex closed her eyes, then it was dimmed and she saw Stevie fall bonelessly to the floor. Theresa snatched her youngest son into her arms as he swayed on his feet. They all watched as suddenly the tattoo on Stevie’s arm began to twitch then the ink began to move, the dragon raced along her body, her skin rolling as it made its way across her skin. Then Stevie’s eyes snapped open then closed and she started screaming.

The horrible sound was almost too much for Alex to take and she felt Justin take her hand. It was weird but for the love of everything, she needed his strength as she watched her former friend writhe in agony under the scrutiny of the crowd. The dragon continued to move, even becoming larger; Stevie continued screaming, the dreadful sound never wavering. Her eyes opened again and light was shining through her eyes. Suddenly the girl moved, now on her hands and knees Alex could see the dragon settle to her back, her skin lifting as it roared along with her screams before settling back into her skin. Stevie immediately stopped wailing, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she stilled. Alex could hear Harper whimpering, it was the only sound in the room. One of the members knelt down and felt Stevie’s neck, then stood.

“There’s no pulse, Sir. She didn’t make it,” he reported and the group, including Warren turned for the door.

“You’re just going to leave her here?” Jerry demanded, the elder stood behind and turned to look at him.

“She is not my concern anymore, given your family gave her a death sentence over a year ago, maybe it is time that you gave her a proper burial.”

“Why us? She’s not a Russo?” Justin asked, looking at Warren who had stopped in the door way and was looking down at his Sister with an unfathomable look on his face. He watched for a moment more and then left.

“No but your family has now ended her life twice, it is up to you do what you wish with her. I believe a funeral would be a sign of respect. After all, this could be your Sister dead on the ground,” the man’s eyes went to Jerry, “or your daughter. For being a so-called well meaning family, you certainly are hypocritical.” He stated and a smile appeared on his lips and it made Alex shudder. “For her seemingly “evil” as you say, motives of ending the Competition, we have agreed that she had a point. From here on out, we will run 5 year trial of not holding the Competition.”

“Really? You mean we get to keep our powers?” Alex asked, she didn’t want to fight for hers, she didn’t like the odds.

“No. You’re the last family that must compete, which will begin now, if everyone will step back and move Ms. Nichols so that she does not become caught in the crossfire…” the man said and swept from the room. Alex ripped her hand from Justin’s, completely forgetting they were even holding on to each other in a grip that should have broken each other’s hands.

Jerry gently knelt down and lifted Stevie up and carried her over to where Theresa, Max and Harper were waiting. He laid her at his feet and covered her with his coat, a small sign of respect for her. He looked to his two children and swallowed hard enough for Alex to hear.

“It’s time.”


“Alex, Justin, what are you waiting for?” Max asked, Alex looked to her younger brother who looked like he was in shock. “It’s time,” he said, echoing his Dad’s words.

Alex looked to Justin, then to her family, then to Stevie’s still body, then back to Justin. This didn’t feel right, not under these circumstances.

“You guys, it’s ok,” Max said, looking at them earnestly, “I’m ok.”

“Alright, I guess,” Alex said, inhaling and she looked to Justin again, and then raised her wand. “Let’s do this.”

Everything seemed to blur around her and time no longer mattered but she knew the longer the competition went on, the weaker she was becoming. She looked to Justin whose face was set, firm; she could practically hear the gears in his brain turning with each second. He was so focused, it scared her. It was the difference between them, he had to study, had to learn to be good with his magic. Hers was so natural though half the time her spells went wrong, they were still powerful.

She didn’t know how much time had passed but she was soaked in sweat to the point where she was ready to quit in sheer disgust. But then she saw Justin look back at Stevie’s body, then his family, then to her. Then his eyes met hers and what she saw there, stunned her. This whole time, all the determination in his eyes, had been calculations and thinking ahead. She watched as he dropped his wand to the ground.

“You win.”

No. What? Why? Justin…Alex couldn’t put together a cohesive thought. He was going to win, he should win, he needs to win…why…

“No!” Alex said and Justin nodded as she shook her head.

“Yes, yes you did.” He said, his voice so soft, Alex felt like she was going to be sick.


“Yes, Alex, you won,” Jerry interrupted her endless denial and looked from his Son to his Daughter. “And I’m sorry Alex, but this is going to hurt.” She watched as her Dad, her lovable, goofy Dad raise his hands and light began to pour from Justin into her.

All she could do was scream, she didn’t think there would be any pain. When she had witnessed Warren becoming a full Wizard, it was nothing like this. But he had been passed out so maybe that was why. She swore she could smell her hair burning and she couldn’t control her limbs. All of a sudden the world went silent and there was nothing but darkness.

To Be Continued


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